GEOfinder Review 2023: Access Location Just by Typing in a Phone Number 

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GEOfinder Review 2023

Can you no longer bear unanswered phone calls, constant lies, and worries for
your loved ones? GEOfinder is a professional geolocation tracking solution that
will locate your loved ones and employees within minutes.

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Find the user friendly application on Google Play and App Store and let your fears disappear with full access to location via SMS, GPS tracker, real-time updates, VPN
checker, etc.

How Does GEOfinder Track Someone’s Location?

For many, a geolocation tracking app is associated with trespassing on
someone’s cell phone privacy and installing a secret spy app; however, this is
not the case with GEOfinder. The platform found a way to control the location
and other details by simply using a person’s phone number.


The platform’s principle is pretty simple – you provide the phone number of
the person you want to track, and within a few minutes, you receive their
location, which is defined by nearby cell towers and Wi-Fi networks.

An anonymous SMS is sent to the phone number you wish to locate; once the
target user clicks on the link delivered in the SMS, their database is scanned for
location coordinates, presenting you with the most accurate geolocations and
server details.

GEOfinder works great with a lot of mobile apps and network providers and
will protect your identity with 100% stealth mode.

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Even though GEOfinder is browser-friendly and doesn’t require any installation
steps, the app is much more accessible and is an excellent shortcut for
immediate location access. You can download it for your Android phone on

Google Play Market or get it on App Store (for iPhone users). Powered by
ERSTEN GROUP LTD, GEOfinder is a legal and scam-free location tracker
available for use right after the purchase.

With the GEOfinder app on your phone, you can add a shortcut to your cell
phone user panel, simplifying access even more. All GPS information will be
stored in the app’s user space, accessible at whatever time.

Advantages of Using the GEOfinder Mobile App

Businesses and employers have issues with employees who don’t perform as
they should. Parents have issues with rebellious children who refuse to share
any information about themselves and their whereabouts.

Spouses have trouble trusting their partners, who tend to be lying. All of these people are
joined with a similar request to track their loved ones or employees, and that’s
why they can turn to GEOfinder.

Whether you can’t access the target’s phone or don’t want to reach that level
of intrusiveness by secretly downloading a spy app, the solution for you is

The platform doesn’t require anything more than the target’s
phone number, which is enough for it to catch the target IP address, Wi-Fi
information, VPN connection, and the exact pinpoint location.

Here are the key reasons you’ll find the GEOfinder app useful:

  • GEOfinder grants immediate access to target device locations; the app is
    simple to navigate and requires minimal effort to download and register.
  • There is no need to get access to a target phone and install a spy app; all you
    will need is the phone number.
  • The platform will keep you anonymous and discreet.
  • It is compatible with almost any mobile brand around the world.
  • Track multiple devices from one account for an affordable price.
  • Get fast and precise geolocations that you can view on a zoomable map.
  • Besides geolocation, get details about the IP, carrier, VPN, and network of the
    target device.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Track Someone’s Location

To get started with tracking, make sure to follow the few steps below:

  • As you download the GEOfinder mobile app or visit their official website,
    you’ll need to create an account. Then you’ll be able to enter a phone
    number you wish to track; after you do so, you will be redirected to the
    payment page.
  • To continue, you must complete the payment process, choose a plan
    and payment method, and enter your email.
  • Customize your SMS text before you send it to ensure it is appealing to
    your target or choose a template. Alternatively, upload a photo to the
    site, get a tracking link to it, and then send it using any messenger app,
    such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, etc.
  • In your app’s user space, you’ll be able to see if the target tapped the
    link. Once they do, their location will appear on the map with details
    about GPS info, Wi-Fi network name, VPN usage, and SIM carrier.

GEOfinder Pricing

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GEOfinders pricing differs for the web-based version and the mobile app. The
web-based plan will cost you $39.99 per month and has an automatic renewal
option available. At the same time, the mobile app has an offer for $9.99 per

For those who only start using such apps and aren’t sure about the GEOfinder
platform, the company offers a 48-hour trial for only $1 (for a web-based
solution). Users can try out all tracking features of the location tracker and
experience its precise geolocation accuracy through the GEOfinder mobile app.


How compatible is the GEOfinder app? is compatible with both iOS and Android OS. The platform can be accessed through a web search or downloaded onto a device via an App Store or Google Play Store. Regarding the target device, it can be tracked regardless of the phone model or phone operator.

Is GEOfinder a legit location tracker?

For those who are looking for a quick, easy, and unintrusive way to track someone or multiple people’s location, the GEOfinder location tracker is the best option. Anonymous tracking, safe payment procedures, and valid privacy policies make GEOfinder a legit app for phone location tracking.

Final Thoughts

No matter who you are trying to locate—your kid, spouse, employee, friend, or
your lost phone—GEOfinder will present accurate geolocation in a short period
of time. Stay discreet and find out your loved ones’ location with just one
anonymous text message.

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