Suman Negi (Dhakad chora) biography, age, husband, social media, contact number & movie list

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In today’s post, we are going to tell you about a Haryanvi actress and model Suman Negi.

Suman Negi has a lot of fan following in the Haryanvi film industry and has also worked in many films.

In this post we are going to tell you about Suman Negi (dhakad chora) biography, age, husband, social media, contact number & movie list.

Suman Negi Biography / Wikipedia

Suman Negi was born on 2 June 1980 in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. She had a passion for dancing and acting since childhood and Suman Negi wanted to make her career in this.

Till now Suman Negi is working in more than 100 films and she has also worked in films of many different languages.
As he has worked in films of all languages like Haryanvi, Gujarati, Rajasthani and Punjabi.

When Suman Negi started her career, she did not work in many films.
Initially, Uman Negi used to work in TV serials and music videos, but at that time people did not know her and she also used to do advertisements of many brands.

Since Suman Negi has also been a judge of a TV reality show, but she got her real identity from Dhakad Chhora.

Dhaakad Chhora is a Haryanvi movie in which Suman Negi played the role and this film was released in 2004 and after that the film became a huge hit.

After that people also started knowing Suman Negi and he is also known as Dhakad Chhori.

Suman Negi Age, Height, Weight & More

Suman Negi age is 42 years now (2022) and his height is also about 5 feet 6 inches.

Suman Negi pays a lot of attention to her body, due to which she has a lot of control and now her weight is 64 kg.

His eyes and hair are black in color.

Suman Negi Educational Qualification

As we have already told you that Suman Negi had a passion for dancing and acting since childhood, that’s why she was an average student in studies and she completed her entire schooling in Meerut.

After that she went to Delhi University to study college from where Suman Negi did BBA in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Suman Negi Family

Suman Negi used to belong from a middle class family but now her financial condition has become very good.

Suman Negi’s father’s name is Nitin Negi and her mother’s name is Manju Negi.

We do not have the name of his brother and sister.

In his entire family, he is the only one in the acting field.

Suman Negi Husband Name

Many people want to know the name of Suman Negi’s husband but let us tell you that Suman Negi is not married yet and she is single.

Suman Negi is not married yet and she does not have any boyfriend.

Suman Negi Awards

Suman Negi has worked in many films, that is why she has also received many awards, but due to her beauty and look, she was also given the award of Miss Meerut.

Suman Negi was invited to a music award show in 2017 where she received the Maina Music Award and Suman was overjoyed.

Then the next year itself, in 2018 itself, he was given the award by the Uttarakhand Film Association, which was the UFA Winner Award.

Suman Negi was called in many more shows where she got awards and was honored.

Suman Negi Social Media

Suman Negi uses many social media platforms so that she can interact with her fans and share her new pictures.

Suman Negi uses Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and we will give you all her social media profiles below so that you can follow her.

Suman Negi Instagram

Suman Negi has more than 1k followers on Instagram and there she has also shared some of her pictures which you can see by visiting her Instagram account.

Suman Negi Contact Number

Suman Negi has also shared her contact on social media, on which you can contact her by calling, but I think that number belongs to Suman Negi’s manager, so if you want to talk about anything, then you should message her first.


[email protected]

Suman Negi Movie list

Suman Negi has done many movies and music videos and we will share with you the list we have available.

We also share you uploaded videos on their youtube so that you can see them.


Dhakar Chhora

Conclusion –

Today in this post we have provided you all the information related to Suman Negi like Suman Negi (dhakad chora) biography, age, husband, social media, contact number & movie list.

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