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In today’s post, we are going to tell you about the founder of the technical mastermind YouTube channel, whose name is Aman Lalani.

In this post we will know about aman lalani biography,Technical Masterminds Biography and Technical Masterminds real name , income and age.

So let’s know in detail about this young and interesting youtuber.

Technical Masterminds Biography

Technical Matermind is a Youtube channel created by aman lalani and he is its founder.

On this channel aman lanani put video about mobile tips and tricks and sim offer and game in Hindi language.

Aman lalani created Technical Masterminds channel on 27th March 2017 and till now total subscriber on his channel is 3.8 million and total views are 111,768,292.

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There are many such tips and tricks channels on which there are many subscribers but the views on the videos are not that good, but the videos of aman lalani’s youtube channel technical masterminds get a good amount of views.

Technical Materminds Website

Aman lalani has also created his own website which is, on which he writes a blog and shares the information with the people but for almost 1 year on this website aman lanani has not posted any update or post which shows that he is not active on this website.

Last Blog posted on year 2020 on the website

Technical Masterminds Details

Youtube Name Technical Masterminds
Founder Aman Lalani
Total Subscriber3.8 million
Total views 111,768,292
Total video556 ( on 21 july 2022 )
Channel Start Year2017
Live in Mumbai , Maharastra
Contact Email [email protected]
[email protected]

Aman Lalani Youtube Channel

Aman lalani has two channels on youtube first name is technical masterminds on which he uploads regular and long videos and on 14th May 2020 he created a new youtube channel named Techy Aman Lalani on which he uploads most of shorts videos.

The subscriber of his new channel Techy Aman Lalani is currently hidden but the total views on this channel are 48,150,015.

Technical Masterminds Youtube Income

The entire income of Aman Lalani, the owner of Technical Masterminds channel, is between 70 thousand to 5 lakh.

Because the income of youtube is not fixed, it is dependent on the views and sponsorship of every month, so their income is not fixed, it always keeps on increasing more or less.

Technical Masterminds Social Media

Aman Lalani is active on all social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
I am giving below the links of social media of aman lalani so that you can follow them easily if you want.

Aman Lalani Social Media

Instagram – Technical Masterminds Insta
Facebook – Technical Masterminds FB
Twitter – Technical Masterminds Twitter

First Video of the Technical Mastermind

The first video of technical masterminds youtube channel is truecaller 8 new feature which has total 13K views so far.

In the earlier video, Aman Lalani did not show his face, earlier he used to make video by recording the screen, so you will not see his face in the first video of his channel.

On initial days, Aman lalani upload videos about phone reviews and gadgets on his channel technical masterminds.

Which Is The Technical Mastermind App?

Technical masterminds aman lalani made a youtube video on youtube channel in which he told how to play GTA 5 game in phone and that video became quite viral and some people also roasted him for this and he make video related to such game quite a lot.

But technical masterminds don’t have their own app on playstore.

Conclusion –

This was some special information that we told you about aman lalani who is the owner of youtube channel technical masterminds.

After reading this entire post you will get to know a lot about aman lalani and you will know technical masterminds biography.

If you want to know about someone else or about any other Youtuber, then you can tell us by commenting below, after which we will put his biography on our website.

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