Piyush Dimri Biography, Age, Family, Company, Income and Net worth.

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If you want to know about Piyush Dimri then you can read this post because in this post we have talked about the Struggle and Success of Piyush Dimri’s life.

Today, through this post, we are going to tell you about piyush dimri biography, age, family, company, income and net worth.

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Piyush Dimri Biography

Piyush Dimri is a Digital Marketer and Director and Founder of Launchigo Media Pvt Ltd Company. Piyush’s life journey is very inspiring and motivating and Piyush started making his career in digital marketing in 2012.

In 2012, Piyush did not form any company, rather he started learning and working on the Internet.

Piyush Dimri took the first payment of 10 dollars from the internet, which was a matter of great pleasure for him. Piyush Dimri was convinced that he could earn money by making a career in digital marketing.

When Piyush was young, he loved playing games, so Piyush used to go to a gaming shop and play games, but he had to pay money to play games at the gaming shop, but Piyush’s financial condition was not good, and that’s why  Piyush Started working at the gaming shop so that he could play the game without paying.

Piyush Dimri Age, Height, & More

Piyush Dimri was born on 29 March 1997. Piyush Dimri’s age is 25 years now. The height of piyush is about 5 feet 4 inches and his weight is 56 kg, his eyes and hair are black in color and his skin color is fair.

Age25 years (2022)
Weight56 kg
Height5 feet 4 inches
Skin ColorFair
Eye ColorBlack

Piyush Dimri Family Backgroud

Piyush Dimri was born in a lower middle class family but still the financial condition of Piyush’s family was not good. Piyush’s father was handicapped and he used to earn only 8 to 9 thousand rupees from which his whole family was running.

Piyush Dimri There were four people in a family, Piyush’s parents and one of his sisters. Piyush Dimri has achieved very good success today but his father has died.

Now Piyush takes care of his family and Piyush Dimri has brought his family out of lower middle class to upper class, which has been possible only because of Piyush’s hard work and dedication.

Piyush Dimri Company

Piyush Dimri’s company name is Launchigo Media Pvt Ltd which is a digital marketing company. Different services are provided in their company such as – social media advertising, affiliate marketing and web development.

Their company also provides dropshipping service, they promote their client’s product using many advertising platforms like – google ad, facebook ad, twitter ad and youtube ad. His company’s Google ad service is very good.

Most of the clients of his Launchigo Media Pvt Ltd company are from outside India.

Launchigo Media Pvt Ltd company was started by two people together, one is Piyush Dimri who is the founder and the other Akash Singh who is the co-founder of this company.

His company first started the service of Google ads and he learned to run ads by investing only 500 daily and then he started pitching to clients.

Piyush Dimri Career

Piyush Dimri started his career by working in a gaming shop. After that he came to know about web development and he also liked digital marketing very much, so Piyush thought of making a career in digital marketing.

Piyush also used to organize events earlier and he also did photography for a few days but that did not give him any growth in his career. In an event, Piyush Dimri met Akash Singh, after that both of them became a good friend and Akash was learning seo, so Piyush again started his incomplete journey of digital marketing.

Piyush Dimri Company Detail

Primary Business typeMca provider 
CategoryCompany limited by Shares 
Registration Number105746
Date of Incorporation28 June 2018
Age of Company4 years, 0 month, 16 days
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