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Hello everyone, in today’s post we are going to tell you about vivek bajaj, who is vivek bajaj, why is vivek bajaj famous on internet?

In this post you will get a brief information about vivek bajaj like Vivek Bajaj Age, Salary, Family, Income, wife .

If you have interest in share market and learn things related to share market on internet or youtube then you must have seen or heard about Vivek Bajaj.

Well then let’s know about Vivek Bajaj’s intersting life.

Vivek Bajaj wiki/biography

Vivek Bajaj is a sharemarket analyst and intraday trader.

The age of vivek bajaj is 44 years and he was born on 11 November 1978 in Calcutta.

It is famous for teaching trading and investing in the share market on the internet. He started his journey in the stock market in 2006.

Vivek Bajaj is learning market since 2002 and even today he calls himself a market learner, he believes that he who considers himself an expert in this field will never be able to succeed.

He has done CA, CS and MBA from IIM Indore.

Vivek Bajaj did his first job of sales after completing his CA, in which he sell mutual funds in first job.

Vivek Bajaj says that he is always hungry to know something new, so he always keeps reading something new, he loves to know about technology.

He says that he has read a lot about the technology field even after studying CA and he is still interested to know about AI in detail.

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Vivek Bajaj told that when he wanted to do stock trading, he did not get much support initially like family, but his father used to tell him that you go to Bombay and do a good job.

And then Vivek Bajaj did a job in a similar company where he used to make predictions about the share market, but after some time he left this job and started investing in the share market himself and started stock trading.

He started share market trading initially with 10 lakh rupees.

Vivek Bajaj has started many of his companies whose names are Stockedge, Elearnmarket, Quantinsti, Kredent Academy.

Vivek Bajaj Age, Height, wife & More

Vivek Bajaj Age44 years (2022)
Vivek Bajaj Height 5 feet 6 inch
Vivek Bajaj WifeEtee
Vivek Bajaj Income 10Lakh-50Lakh

Vivek Bajaj is a share market trader and runs many companies, so he does not have any fixed income, but he earns 10 to 50 lakhs monthly.

Vivek Bajaj Education Qualification

Vivek Bajaj After completing his schooling in St. He did his B.Com from Xavier College, Calcutta, after that he completed his CS from ICSI College.
He completed his MCom from the University of Calcutta.
And in the last he studied CA and did MBA course from IIM Indore.

Vivek Bajaj Company

Vivek Bajaj has started many of his companies whose names are Stockedge, Elearnmarket, Quantinsti, Kredent Academy.

Kredent AcademyStarting in 2008
ElearnmarketStarting in 2015
StockedgeStarting in 2015

Vivek Bajaj Social Media

As I have already told you that Vivek Bajaj is very famous on social media and internet and I am giving you the link of his social media account below from where you can easily follow him.

Vivek Bajaj YoutubeYoutube
Vivek Bajaj InstagramInstagram
Vivek Bajaj twitterTwitter

Vivek Bajaj Course

Vivek Bajaj sells many courses on his platform elearnmarkets which are related to market, bitcoin and finance.

There are many teachers on this platform who teach different courses and the price of their courses ranges from 500 to 25000.

Webinars are also run by teachers on this website which are paid and you can join them if you want.

Vivek Bajaj Family

vivek bajaj had told in an interview that his father Bajrang Lal Bajaj is also in the field of share market and he also does trading and the name of wife of Vivek Bajaj is Etee Bajaj.

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