Riya Upreti Biography, Age, Height, Education & Networth

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If you also want to know about Riya Upreti then definitely read this post. In today’s post we will tell you who is Riya Upreti and Riya Upreti biography.

Nowadays Riya Upreti is very popular on social media due to which people have started knowing her and want to know more about her, so let us tell you many more information about Riya Upreti.

Riya Upreti is an entrepreneur, psychologist and content creator. Riya was born on 25 July 1998 in Delhi. Riya grew up in Delhi but her native place is Uttarakhand.


Riya Upreti Biography

Name Riya Upreti
Date of Birth25 July 2001
ProfessionContent Creator
Net Worth20 crore
Zodiac SignLeo

Riya Upreti Age & Height

Age23 years
Height5 feet 4 inches
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBrown

Riya Upreti is 22 years old and stands at an average height. She was born and brought up in Delhi, India.

Riya Upreti Education

Ever since Riya was a kid, her parents wished for her to become a doctor. So, from her high school days, Riya started preparing for the NEET exam, which is needed to get into medical school. Even though she worked really hard, she couldn’t pass it. But Riya didn’t give up. She decided to try for the UPSC exams instead, even though she didn’t really like history. Riya also studied psychology.

Then, something unexpected happened – Covid-19. During this tough time, Riya saw many people struggling with their mental health. Being a psychology student, she wanted to help. So, she started sharing tips and advice on Instagram to support people dealing with mental health issues.

Riya Upreti Income

Through her Instagram platform, Riya began to reach more and more people. She then started her own courses to help people even more. Her company, Foebat, grew from this. While exact numbers might vary, Riya’s efforts in entrepreneurship and mental health advocacy have helped her earn a living while making a positive impact on others’ lives.

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