Sachin Awasthi Biography, Age, Instagram, Wife & NetWorth

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If you also want to know the Sachin Awasthi Biography, then read this post completely. In today’s post, we will give you complete information about Sachin Awasthi like – Sachin Awasthi age, Sachin Awasthi education, Sachin Awasthi wife and Sachin Awasthi net worth.

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Today you will get answers to all the questions related to Sachin Awasthi in this post.

Sachin Awasthi Biography

Sachin Awasthi is a social media content creator who makes funny videos. Sachin makes people laugh a lot with the help of sarcasm and his sense of humor in his videos, that is why he has many fans on social media.

OccupationSocial Media Content Creator
Date of BirthNovember 21, 1994
Place of BirthLucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Current Age29 years
Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight57 kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
EducationBCA from Lucknow University (2016)
MBA from NMIMS Mumbai
CareerStarted with YouTube in 2015
Joined Instagram in 2018
Family DetailsNot shared publicly
Marital StatusMarried (since March 14, 2024)
SpouseDeepshika Mishra
Social MediaInstagram Followers: 400k
YouTube Subscribers: 337k
Monthly IncomeRs 4-5 lakh
Net Worth2 crores

Sachin Awasthi keeps uploading regular videos on his Instagram and YouTube. You will also be able to relate your life with his videos and because of this he has gained a lot of fan following on social media.

Sachin Awasthi was born on 21 November 1994 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, after that Sachin was brought up in Lucknow.

Sachin Awasthi Age, Height & More

Sachin Awasthi is currently 29 years old and his height is approximately 5 feet 6 inches. Sachin Awasthi’s weight is 57 kg.

The color of his eyes and hair is black.

Sachin Awasthi Education

Sachin Awasthi did his schooling in Lucknow and he also completed his college in Lucknow. Sachin Awasthi did BCA 2016 from Lucknow University. After that Sachin completed MBA from NMIMS Mumbai.

Sachin had a lot of interest in technology since childhood, that is why he graduated from BCA and he was also interested in business, so he did MBA after graduation.

Now his MBA has been completed and his entire focus is on content creation.

Sachin Awasthi Career

 Sachin Awasthi's Career 

   YouTube Career (2015)
        - Starts career on YouTube
        - Shares political views with sarcasm and humor
        - Gains popularity among viewers
    Expansion (2018)
        - Increases online presence
        - Joins Instagram for wider reach
        - Diversifies content
      Instagram Career
            - Begins making short videos
            - Focuses on comedy and sarcasm
            - Creates relatable content
            - Gains significant following

Sachin Awasthi has a lot of interest in politics, that is why when he started his career, he used to share his political views with his audience through YouTube.

Sachin started his career with YouTube in 2015 itself. People liked the way of sharing his political views because he used to share his views with sarcasm and humor due to which people enjoyed watching his content.

After about 2-3 years, Sachin Awasthi increased his online presence and in 2018 he joined Instagram so that he could get more reach and he could reach his videos to more audience.

Sachin Awasthi started making short videos related to comedy and sarcasm on Instagram, Sachin also used to make many videos which were more relatable to people’s lives, hence in some time Sachin got a good reach and his followers also increased.

Sachin Awasthi Family

Sachin Awasthi does not share any details about his family on social media. Sachin Awasthi has shared about his relationship on social media but he does not want to share about his parents on social media and wants to keep his parents’ life private.

Sachin Awasthi Wife

Sachin Awasthi has been married and now he is married. Sachin Awasthi’s marriage took place on 14 March 2024 and he also shared many beautiful photos of his wedding on his social media.

Sachin’s wife’s name is Deepshika Mishra. Sachin and Deepshikha were in a relationship for 5 years.

Sachin Awasthi Social Media

Sachin Awasthi is very active on Instagram and YouTube and he keeps uploading regular videos on social media.

Sachin Awasthi has more than 400k followers on Instagram and his YouTube channel also has 337K subscribers.

We are giving you all the social media account handles of Sachin Awasthi, with the help of which you will be able to see his social media content and also follow him on social media.

YoutubeSachin Awasthi

Sachin Awasthi Income & Networth

Sachin Awasthi uploads shorts videos on YouTube which gives him a lot of reach and views. Sachin also makes videos on his Instagram and YouTube with some brand collaborations. Sachin’s monthly income is around Rs 4-5 lakh.

Sachin Awasthi’s net worth is 2 crores.


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