Rajni Chaudhary Biography, Age, Height, Family, Business & Net Worth

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If you’re interested in learning more about Rajni Chaudhary, keep reading because we’ve included information about Rajni Chaudhary’s biography, age, height, family, and net worth in this page. We also provide information about rajni chaudhary mines and company.

Rajni Chaudhary is a successful businesswoman with a large portfolio. However, most people will recognise them through Rajni Chaudhary’s YouTube channel, as they are both Indian YouTubers who specialise in automobile reviews.

Rajni Chaudhary enjoys making YouTube videos because it allows her to meet new people and it also allows her to motivate and inspire others through her channel.

Biography of Rajni Chaudhary

Rajni Chaudhary is a social media influencer and YouTuber. Rajni Chaudhary started her YouTube channel in January 2021, and in less than a year, she had reached 629 K subscribers.

Rajni Chaudhary enjoys visiting new places and tasting food from various regions.

Rajni Chaudhary was born on September 20, 1989, in New Delhi, India. They were born in the Indian city of New Delhi.

Rajni Chaudhary is only 33 years old at the current. (According to data from 2022)

Amit, Rajni Chaudhary’s friend, had asked him to make a YouTube video.

Rajni Chaudhary is also a businesswoman who owns and operates a number of family businesses.

Rajni Chaudhary’s father died, and everything of his business is now in the hands of Rajni, who greatly misses his father.

Rajni Chaudhary is cautious of disclosing too much about her personal life because she fears it would intrude on her privacy.

Rajni Chaudhary Age, height, weight, and More

DOB20 September,1989
Age33 years old
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight55 kilogram
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack

Rajni Choudhary’s birthday is September 20th, and she is 33 years old.

Rajni Chaudhary stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs approximately 55 kg.

Rajni Choudhary’s zodiac sign is Libra.

Rajni Chaudhary has a youthful face, black eyes, and black hair.

Rajni Chaudhary’s Educational Background

Rajni Chaudhary is a Gold Medalist in Electronics and Communication Engineering and has an MBA.

St. Stephen’s School, where Rajni Choudhary studied, is located in Delhi.

Rajni Chaudhary received her education at the University of Delhi.

Rajni Chaudhary Family

Rajni Chaudhary is the daughter of Manav Chaudhary and Aarti Chaudhary. Rajni Chaudhary is a younger sibling. Sunny Chaudhary is Rajni Chaudhary’s younger brother.

Father NameManav Chaudhary
Mother NameAarti Chaudhary
Brother NameSunny Chaudhary
Sister NameUnknown

Because Rajni Chaudhary’s father died, his brother and she have taken over all of Rajni Chaudhary’s father business.

Rajni chaudhary’s father provided him with excellent academic and commercial guidance, as well as a number of opportunities in a short period of time.

Boyfriend of Rajni Chaudhary

Rajni Chaudhary does not provide any additional information regarding her personal life. However, she does not have a boyfriend, and Rajni Chaudhary has never been married, according to our research.

Rajni Chaudhary, on the other hand, has a good friend named Amit Ghudaiya, who recorded and edited her YouTube channel video.

Amit Ghudaiya has also created a YouTube account where he will post VLOGs. Click the link below to visit their YouTube account.

Rajni Chaudhary Business

Rajni Chaudhary’s entire business is quite large and profitable. The majority of their business is in the petroleum and stone crushing industries.

You can also establish a petroleum business, but you will need a larger initial investment.

Rajni Chaudhary also runs an LPG business, which is a profitable venture. She began an e-commerce company just a few months ago as well.

They had always wanted to run a business that could scale with time while also providing better results with minimal effort.

Rajni Chaudhary Car Collection

Rajni Chaudhary’s YouTube channel, as we all know, is dedicated to automobile reviews, travel, and vlogging. Why are so many people interested in Rajni Chaudhary’s car collection?

Rajni Chaudhary had several cars, however she mostly travelled in two or three.

1.Audi Q7
2.Volvo XC40
3.Mahindra Thar
4.Fortuner Legender
5.BMW X7

She always takes her Audi Q7 with her everywhere she travels. They also have the Mahindra Thar and Fortune Legender, which are used mostly for off-roading.

Rajni Chaudhary Car Number

When Rajni Choudhary drives somewhere in her video and her car is visible but the number of the car is hidden, the question of why Rajni Chaudhary does not display her car number remains unanswered.

Rajni choudhary fears that making her car number public will violate on her privacy, and that her haters will be able to hurt her whenever people see her car in public.

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Rajni Chaudhary YouTube Net Worth

Rajni Chaudhary Salary2 lakh (Youtube)

Because Rajni Choudhary’s YouTube channel has 600k+ followers and her speciality is related to automobiles, every of the Google Adsense ads that appear on her channel generate a lot of revenue for her.

If we make predictions, his channel’s monthly earnings would be between 1-2 lakh rupees.

Rajni Choudhary’s YouTube channel will have a net worth of approximately Rs 1.5 crore.

Rajni Chaudhary Contact Detail

Home AddressNew Delhi,India
Email[email protected]
Phone Number9711110430

If you wish to contact Rajni Choudhary or have a question for her, you can send an email to her address. Rajni Choudhary answers all of the questions that are asked of her in a series of videos.

[email protected] is her email address.

Contact Information for Rajni Chaudhary

Rajni Choudhary has never released her personal phone number on social media or on YouTube, so you won’t be able to reach her via phone. However, she did make a video about a toll plaza fraud in which she shared a whatsapp number.

You can make a video of any social issue, scam, or illegal activity that you perceive that the government should resolve and you can send video on whatsapp .

9711110430 is Rajni Chaudhary’s WhatsApp number.

Rajni Chaudhary Social Media

Rajni Choudhary is also a social media influencer, that reasons why she is active on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook.

We simply give you with links to Rajni Chaudhary’s social media sites so that you may quickly view and follow her.


Photos of Rajni Chaudhary

You can see Rajni Choudhary’s most recent photographs and updates right now by following her on Instagram.


We have provided all of Rajni Chaudhary’s information in this post, including Rajni Chaudhary’s YouTube channel, age, height, boyfriend, family, and net worth.

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