Neeraj Kapoor Biography, Family, Wife, Age, Height & Photos

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If you guys also want to know who is Neeraj Kapoor? And Neeraj Kapoor Biography , So today we are going to tell about Neeraj Kapoor’s family, age, height and profession in this post.

If you are seeking an in-depth account of Neeraj Kapoor’s life, profession, and particulars, this is where you will find it. He has achieved significant renown during his lifetime, and it is no surprise that he is admired by many. He celebrates his birthday annually with zeal and fervor.

Neeraj Kapoor’s endearing moniker is none other than his given name, Neeraj Kapoor. His lively persona and captivating gaze have always made him an enigmatic figure. While his physical dimensions are unknown, there is plenty to learn about this fascinating personality. So, if you wish to uncover more about his life, keep reading till the very end.

Neeraj Kapoor Biography

Neeraj Kapoor is the husband of a famous singer Alka Yagnik and he is also a businessman.

NameNeeraj Kapoor
Date Of Birth1970
HometownMumbai, India
WifeAlka Yagnik
Neeraj Kapoor Bio

Neeraj Kapoor’s Nick name is Niru.

Neeraj Kapoor was born in 1970 in Mumbai. Right now his age is 51 years.

You must have heard Alka Yagnik singing for many Bollywood movies and her song is also very super hit.

Neeraj Kapoor is not so far on the internet but after being married to Alka Yagnik, he became very popular at the internet.

Neeraj Kapoor is a Shillong Based Businessman and his marriage took place in 1989 with Alka Yagnik.

Neeraj and Alka have made Love Marriage and they both met the railway station for the first time.

Neeraj Kapoor Family

FatherName Not Known
MotherName Not Known
WifeAlka Yagnik
DaughterSyesha Kapoor
Son-in-lawAmit Desai

However, more information about Neeraj Kapoor’s family is not available, but still we will tell you some important information about Neeraj Kapoor’s family.

A daughter of Neeraj Kapoor and Alka Yagnik, whose name is Syesha Kapoor. And soon Syesha Kapoor is married and her husband name is Amit Desai.

Many people say that Alka Yagnik and Neeraj Kapoor were separated after marriage. But once again Alka and Neeraj will be living with each other and their daughter also lives with them.

Neeraj Kapoor Favorite Actor

Neeraj Kapoor said that his most favorite actor Salman Khan and many places have also been written that Neeraj Kapoor favorite Bollywood Actor is Salman Khan.

Neeraj Kapoor Favorite Actress

Rekha is the favorite actress of Neeraj Kapoor. The work of Rekha and their acting really inspired Neeraj Kapoor.

Neeraj Kapoor Physical Appearance

Neeraj Kapoor’s eyes are black and their hair color is also black.

Neeraj Kapoor Height & Weight

The height of Neeraj Kapoor is about 6 feet and the weight of Neeraj Kapoor is about 75 kg.

Weight75 KG
Height6 Feet
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Neeraj Height & Weight

Neeraj Kapoor Net Worth

Neeraj Kapoor is a successful businessman that invests in a variety of areas, including real estate, the stock market, and many more.
As a result, Neeraj Kapoor’s net worth is estimated to be around 4 crores.

Neeraj Kapoor Photos

We have also shared some photos of Neeraj Kapoor with you and we have taken all these photos from social media. If you want to see more photos of Neeraj Kapoor, then you can share them on social media.


Today in this post we have given you complete information about Neeraj Kapoor. We have given information about Neeraj Kapoor’s biography, family, age, height and photo in this post.

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Alka yagnik husband age ?

Alka Yagnik’s husband’s name is Neeraj Kapoor and he is 51 years old and we have given a lot of information about Neeraj Kapoor in the post.

Neeraj Kapoor profession ?

Neeraj Kapoor is a businessman with his own limited liability firm. Their company is very profitable and has a wide range of products

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