Manish Kashyap Biography, Age, Height, Family, Educational Qualification and Networth

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Today we are going to tell you about Manish Kashyap sach tak, who is Manish Kashyap after all? And how Manish Kashyap became viral all over the social media?

Manish Kashyap is a news reporter and he recognizes the news to the people with the help of his youtube channel. People also know Manish Kashyap as son of Bihar.

Manish Kashyap became viral on social media due to his honest and honest reporting and people started liking his style.

In today’s post, we will tell you about Manish Kashyap Biography, Age, Height, Family, Educational Qualification and Networth.

I hope Manish Kashyap’s biography will motivate you a lot that how he achieved so much success after coming out of a small village.

Manish Kashyap Biography

Manish Kashyap was born on 9 March 1988 in Dumri Mahanawa, a small village in Champaran district of Bihar state.

Manish Kashyap’s nickname is “son of Bihar” because he belongs to the state of Bihar and he raises his voice without fear on the corruption and rigging happening in Bihar so that people in Bihar can also be saved from corruption.

Manish Kashyap’s village and house comes in the grip of floods in Bihar every year and no help reaches the law and order situation of Bihar, that’s why Manish Kashyap decided that he would be a reporter and bring the truth to the fore and eradicate corruption from Bihar.

NameManish Kashyap
Age34 Years ( As per data of 2022)
ProfessionNews Anchor, Reporter, Content Creator
HometownMahanwa-Dumri Chowk, West Champaran, Bihar
Zodiac SignLibra
NickNameSon of Bihar
Founder Sach Tak News
AwardsYoutube Play Buttons
Manish Kashyap Wiki

Manish Kashyap did not do his reporting on any news channel, rather he created his own youtube channel and keep raising his voice on regular corruption there.
Some clips of his videos started going viral on social media, after which the popularity of his youtube channel also started increasing.

Manish Kashyap Real Name

Many people know Manish Kashyap only as a reporter of real truth, but they do not know Manish Kashyap’s real name, so let us tell you that Manish Kashyap’s real name is Tripurari Kumar Tiwari.

Manish Kashyap Age, Height & More

Manish Kashyap was born on March 9, 1988 and now his age is 34 years (As per data of 2022 )

Age 34 years
Height5.9 feet
Weight68 kilograms
Skin ColorFair
Eye and Hair colorBlack

His weight is about 68 kg and his height is 5.9 feet.

His skin color is slightly lighter and his hair and eyes are black in color.

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Manish Kashyap Educational Qualifications

Manish Kashyap was very good in studies since childhood and he wanted to grow up to become an engineer.

Manish Kashyap completed his schooling in Bihar only and he passed 10th class in 2007 and 12th class exam in 2009.

After completing schooling, Manish Kashyap went to Maharastra to start his college studies, where Manish took admission in Savitribai Phule University Pune and from there he did a civil engineering course and took a degree.

But then Manish Kashyap did not feel like working in any company, so he came back to Bihar.

When Manish came to Bihar and when he saw the coming times in his village, he thought of raising his voice against him, that’s why he became a news reporter so that he could bring justice to the general public and help them.

Manish Kashyap career

Manish kashyap had a lot of affection for his country since childhood and always had a feeling of patriotism in him because Manish’s father was in the Indian Army.

Manish Kashyap’s first online video was of an Exide Battery Service Center where Manish was seen fighting with the service center people because they had some issue which they were not resolving. Manish recorded the entire incident of that service center in the camera and put it on the internet.

A clip of Manish Kashyap from that video became very viral and people started using it a lot in meme too, after which people started searching Manish Kashyap and people started following him.

Manish had put the video of Exide Service Center on the internet in April 2018 and as soon as that video started going viral, Manish Kashyap opened his own news channel in June 2018 named Sach Tak News and it is an online news channel. Which is on youtube and Manish Kashyap started reporting on his channel.

When people started knowing Manish Kashyap for his candid reporting, then Manish thought that he should also go into politics so that he can help the general public. Manish Kashyap stood in the election of Bihar Assembly 2020 from Chanpatia constituency but he could not win the election, he got only around 10 thousand votes.

But even after losing the election, Manish continues to help the general public and Manish always stands with the public’s problem so that the public gets justice.

Manish Kashyap Social Media

Manish Kashyap is active on many social media and there is also a news channel website till Manish’s truth, which we will give below so that you can visit and see it.

Sach Tak News youtube channel has 2.85 million subscribers and Manish Kashyap’s Sach Tak Facebook page has more than 1 lakh followers.

Twitter @sachtakno1
Manish Kashyap Social media

We have given the link of all social media of Manish Kashyap below, you can follow Manish Kashyap by clicking on it and support his work.

Manish Kashyap Contact Details

If you have any complaint or any kind of help from Manish Kashyap ji, then you can contact him through many mediums.

You mail to Manish Kashyap, he will respond to you as soon as possible, you can also message him on Instagram or Facebook.

Email[email protected]
Phone Number+91 9709920218
AddressDumri Chowk, West Champaran, Bihar
Whatsapp Number+91 9709920218
Manish kashyap whatsapp number

Manish kashyap Net worth / Salary

manish kashyap did not start reporting for money, but his purpose was to raise voice on behalf of the people and help the people. Due to this pure sentiment, he became very popular and his income source also increased a lot.

If we talk about Manish Kashyap’s monthly salary, then it will be around 3-4 lakh rupees. Manish Kashyap’s net worth will be from 40 to 60 lakhs.

Manish Kashyap Photo


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