Shivanjali Porje Biography, Age, Height, Family and more.

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Nowadays many people are becoming famous on the internet every day and if you have talent then you have many platforms with the help of which you can become famous.

Today we are going to tell you about Shivanjali Porje. Who is Shivanjali Porje? and Shivanjali Porje biography, Age, Height, Family and Instagram account.

You must have heard about Shivanjali Porje many times and seen his videos. Because in a very short time she has become very famous all over the internet due to her acting and cuteness.

Shivanjali Porje Biography

NameShivanjali Porje
Date Of Birth27 July 2012
Age10 years
Weight17 kg
Height2.2 feet
OccupationSocial Media Influencer & Model
Father NameVishnu Patil Porje
Mother NameJyoti Porje
BrothersPratik Porje & Tushar Porje
Shivanjali Porje Bio/Wiki

Shivanjali Porje was born in July 27, 2012. Shivanjali’s birth place is Nashik, Mumbai.Now the age of Shivanjali is 10 years.

Shivanjali Porje belongs to a Hindu Family. Shivanjali has become famous at all social media at the age of 10. Shivanjali Porje is a child actress and social media influencer.

Shivanjali Porje makes Short Video on Platform name Instagram reels.

Shivanjali makes lip syncing videos and it also makes a video on the new trend. Due to their acting and cuteness, they have millions of followers on their social media accounts.

Shivanjali Porje used to make her short video on Tik Tok earlier but then Tik Tok was banned in India, then Shivanjali started putting her video on Instagram reels.

Shivanjali Porje uploaded her first lip syncing video on Instagram Reels on 11th December 2019. Her first video was made on this song “Agar Tum Saath Ho”.

Shivanjali Torje shot to fame with her very first video and her video was viewed by over 50 million people.

Shivanjali Porje Family

Apart from Shivanjali, there are 4 other people in Shivanjali’s family. Shivanjali Father & Mother and Shivanjali’s two brothers.

Shivanjali Porje’s father’s name is Vishnu Patil Porje and her mother’s name is Jyoti Porje.

Shivanjali’s two brothers are elder to her and their names are Prateek and Tushar Porje.

His brother Prateek Porje helps him a lot in making short videos of Shivanjali. And today the credit of Shivanjali being so famous also goes to him because he himself made a video of Shivanjali and published it on the short video platform.

Shivanjali Prje Brother

Shivanjali Porje Height, Weight & More

The height of Shivanjali Porje is about 2.2 feet and her weight is about 17 kg.

His skin color is fair. His eyes are brown in color and his hair is also light brown in color.

Shivanjali Porje Education

Shivanjali Porje lives in Nashik, Mumbai and she studies in a private school there. Right now Shivanjali is in 4th class and she is also good in studies.

People think that Shivanjali is good only in acting, but apart from acting, Shivanjali is also good at many things like studies, drawing and dancing.

Shivanjali’s parents ensured that acting did not affect Shivanjali’s studies. Shivanjali also wants her to grow up to become an IAS officer.

Shivanjali Porje Favourite Things

Shivanjali likes many things and we have made a list about all those things and have given below.
Shivanjali Porje’s favorite colors are purple, white and black.

Shivanjali loves to be active on social media and she also likes to make videos on social media all the time.Shivanjali’s favorite hobby is drawing and dancing. She loves chocolate, ice cream and cake.
Shivanjali loves to play with her pet dog and Shivanjali also loves to travel and meet new people.Shivanjali also likes Paneer Tikka very much.

Shivanjali Porje Favourite Actor / Actress

Everyone is crazy about Shivanjali Porje’s acting and people also want to know who is Shivanjali’s favorite actor and actress?

Shivanjali Porje’s favorite actor is Tiger Shorff and Shivanjali’s favorite actress is Shraddha Kapoor.

Shivanjali Porje had told in one of her interviews that her favorite singer is Darshan Rawal.

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Shivanjali Porje Social Media

Shivanjali Porje is mostly active on her Instagram as she shares her photos and videos there. That’s why her Instagram is growing very fast and now she has 3.3 million followers on her Instagram.

Recently,Shivanjali has taken a Hyundai Verna car and Shivanjali also shared the picture of the car on her social media.

Shivanjali porje Car

When Shivanjali put her first video, Shivajali became an internet sensation in just a month after that.

Shivanjali made an eye blink video which went viral and got 255 million views and 12 million people liked the video. This video was also her most popular video of 2021.

Once Shivanjali was asked what do you do if some negative comment comes on your video?

So she told that I ignore him.

Shivanjali told that social media also has negative side but it is up to us how we take it.

Shivanjali Porje Lifestyle/Networth

Shivanjali started acting at the age of five to six years. She acted in her first Marathi TV serial “Karbhari Lebhari”.

Shivanjali Porje has now become a social media influencer as well as a celebrity.
Shivanjali has worked with White Hill Productions and has also been featured in several music videos.

His family has been a major contributor to the success of Shivanjali Porje. His mother handles Shivanjali’s dress and make-up, which is quite a difficult task.

Shivanjali Porje Photos

Shivanjali Porje always shares her photos with her fans and you follow Shivanjali Porje on Instagram so that you will keep getting to know all her updates.


Today in this post we have provided you all the information about Shivanjali Porje. We told you Shivanjali Porje Biography, Age, Height, Family and more.
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